Giving back to our community is a priority for us

今天足彩胜负14场对阵表as a company dedicated to the advancement of health, we understand the challenges facing communities and appreciate the importance of giving back.


our employees take part in charity events, projects, and other activities — both individually and as part of a company team. 


今天足彩胜负14场对阵表we sponsor walks, scholarship programs, and other fundraisers that support charitable organizations in the community.


今天足彩胜负14场对阵表our employees have the option to support several nonprofit organizations through payroll deductions.

Partnerships with charities


今天足彩胜负14场对阵表greenway supports the girls & boys club of metro atlanta, a branch of the national nonprofit boys & girls clubs of america, which serves children and teenagers in need. in addition to funding, greenway provides on-site mentoring and company-sponsored internships.


on a mission to free the world from cancer, the american cancer society offers a variety of programming to support patients, promote research, and share information. greenway health has participated in the making strides against breast cancer® walk that supports the organization. 


今天足彩胜负14场对阵表the american heart association fights heart disease and stroke through education, research, and support of public health policies. our employees participate in wear red day and other aha campaigns. 


A nonprofit charitable ministry, the Rapha Clinic serves uninsured adults in its region, providing medical and dental care, as well as guidance and spiritual support.  

An approach to giving that truly benefits everyone

partnerships with charitable organizations give greenway employees the opportunity to combine  professional work and community service. the result is improved relationships between employees, the personal rewards of service, and support for organizations that improve lives.

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